4 Useful Tips for Choosing a Good PCB Supplier

In case you are in need of printed circuit boards, then there is no shortage of options. Moreover, there are a number of PCB supplier and manufacturer in business these days. However, the most important thing is choosing the right one. A wrong decision can be costly, even disastrous for your company. Scroll down to read 4 important tips which will help you!


Quality Standards and Certifications

It is integral that PCB manufacturers should comply with UL, ISO, and IPC quality standards and, if required, be ITAR compliant as well. A slight mistake can also harm the project. Make sure the PCB supplier you choose actively visits PCB manufacturers and verify compliance with quality standards.


Certificates of Conformance

Another important factor is that your PCB supplier pays attention to detail is that they have a system of document controls to make sure product specifications are followed.  Additionally, it is important they confirm that they provide Certificates of Conformance with every shipment.


Technical Skills

And, if your project needs specialized PCB manufacturing, opt for a PCB supplier with access to engineers and technicians with the skills to pull it off. In case your project needs personalization it is imperative it is to have the best-trained experts for the job.



One should go for an experienced PCB supplier who can meet your demand for low volume production, no minimum lot charges, and high volume pricing advantages. This will definitely save you money.